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We proudly present our Artists Loop Packs.
Each pack contains between 40 - 50 interchangeable loops.
We guarantee the ability to use many single samples
in the same song, by keeping same Eq's, bpm, type of groove, etc ...
Packs are tailored to be used together,
not a just bunch of useless single loops.
Packs are created by musicians for musicians,
so we have chosen standard harmony modulations for a given bass line, harmony pad, horn lick, etc ...
for you to be able to keep the same sound within a song ... if that is your wish.
Check the Pack Bundle offers,you will be able to pick 3 packs of your choice, and get a 20% discount.
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Ethno Flamenco Sounds
Flamenco&Ethnic oriented electric guitars&percussion to mix with your compositions! ..
MP3 Preview:   Demo4  - Demo3  - Demo2  - Demo1  - 
Pack Style:   Flamenco
Number of loops:   69
Author:    Jaco Abel
Price :   13.00 Euros

MaxB's BeatBox Pack Vol:1
Beatbox loops from beatbox master MaxB, give a personal touch to your hip hop or drum&bass compositions ..
MP3 Preview:   Demo1  - Demo2  - Demo3  - 
Pack Style:   House/Trance
Number of loops:   64
Author:    MaxB
Price :   15.00 Euros

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Loop Pack Downloads! A Loop Pack is a compressed file, containing a series of loop variations, recorded as groups of interchangeable samples as drum/percussion fills, bass progressions, all with the same style, sound, EQs, reverbs, etc...
Suitable for producers, professional musicians, multimedia artists, DJs ...


Loop CDs
Hip Hop & Rap beats, Jazz sound and